Other Bone is a full-service workshop located in Brooklyn, New York. Our studio assists clients with all aspects of the creative production starting with concepts and prototyping to final builds. We provide services in design and fabrication of customized projects from creative direction to bespoke artworks. Having a presence in both digital and physical skill sets, we offer art directors and production managers a wide array of solutions to challenges. 

Clients and artists we have worked with:

SPOTIFY, SUPREME, HBO, NIKE, VICE, Acrylicize, Bednark, Satis & Fy, The Factory, Lemur Media, The Evolution Store, Steiner Studios, Cain Cain, Sets Machine, Jerard Studio, Puppet Kitchen, and Tangible Creative.

The Sol LeWitt Foundation, David Altmejd, Anicka Yi, Hugh Hayden, Chico MacMurtrie,  Rachael Champion, Lenore Malen and Jim Osman.